I can create a variety of items.  From wood placques, Lighted Cast signage, medallions, Parts etc.
Here are some items that I have created to give you and Idea.

I do not call people I create for customers.  I prefer friends and co-makers as they usually have the input for the design and final product.   Bear in mind, that most of these are one-off items and may have small irregularities do the the creation method.
RZR Rollbar Radio Mount
Laser Etched Game of Throne Badge
Laser Etched Airlock
3D FDM printed Bridge
3D FDM printed Bridge
Laser Etched Credit
Bladerunner Badges and Credits
Bamboo Cutting Boards
3d and Laser cut NGauge items
Custom Laser lighted signage
3D printed MadMax type mask
3D printed MadMax type mask
3D printed Fallout Sequoia Pistol
Mahogany Laser etched  desk sign