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Heh, are you done Tuning yet?

Keyboard Picture 1

Mill Creek

Classically trained.  Country to Rock and Prog!
 Studio Soundtracks or Live Performances.

Group Genres that I gravitate to for listing pleasure are Alan Parsons, TSO, ELP, Deep Purple, NIN, Styx, SRV, Queen, Boston, Rush,  Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Santana,  and alot of 70’s-Now Prog.

Musicians that I pick up bits of pieces from.   Alan Parsons, Rick Wakeman, Lawrence Gowan, Keith Emerson, Elton John, Trent Reznor, Jon Lord and of course the original rockers like  Bach, Beethoven and Strauss!

IMG_7495 Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons


Man behind Alan Parsons Project
and sound of Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon.



in idyllwild 2 Ralph and Mark

Breaking in the AX

Rockin the Paradise!

With Sundowners

Freeway Jam!



Welcome to my site

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 I like Rock Covers but My core love is progressive music
and  originals.





Fantom G Projects

Equipment Fantom-G7 inperformance

Roland Fantom FA-76 Keyboard
Roland Fantom G7 Digital Workstation Keyboard
Roland SH-201 Analog Synth Keyboard
Roland AX-Synth (Keytar)

(Cabinets / Amplifiers)
Bugera Cabinets
Custom 300 watt Keyboard Amp 15” Eminence, Horn and Midrange
Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amp 15”, Horn and Midrange
Yamaha EMX 512SC PA Amp
Seismic Audio 15” PA Speakers with horns
Seismic Audio 12” Wedge Monitors
Samson Audio 12” Monitors

(Mic and Audio)
Zoom R-16 8-Track Direct Digital Flash Memory Recorder
Sony Acid Pro (Editing Software)
Roland VP-7 Processor (Vocal Chorus)
Shure SM 58 Microphones
Shure SH Super 55 Microphone
Hercules Stands
Ultimate multi tier keyboard stands
Misc support equipment

IMG_7372 IMG_7471 G7

Guest Appearance with my old MM6 (May it RIP)


Original 1977
IRobot Album

Signed the Album in a small bar in Beaumont.

Mark-lockstrap in idyllwild


Edgar Winter would be proud

mark with dd

Jumbotron at the Rockyard  Fantasy Springs

Promo for Locking Straps

Rockyard at Fantasy Springs Casino

markplaying-2 cadama-promote