CADAMA was formed originally from a bunch of old leftover Gypsy Monkeys.  You can still link to them at  or on facebook at

CADAMA is for CArlo, DAnny and MArk. 

Mark is working at reviving many of the old Monkey Tunes.  Below is the beginning.

Alas;  The CA in CADAMA is no longer with us and this is a Memorial to my friend Carlo
Carlo departed our world on April 4 2012.
He is now playing that Great Gig in the Sky.

Danny and I get into the studio when we can.
It is tough without a Guitar and Bass, but we keep
Hacking at it on the 8 channel Recorder.

Don’t Scare the Monkey (March 2014) - Version Here!


Carlo Reveles.  R.I.P.
The writer and creator of many songs.