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Mad Max Style Mask

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mask-1 20170917_124131

This is a 3D printed mask based on Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury Road.  The material is ABS.  Hand painted by my Art Student Daughter and detailed.  Hand laid Leather Overlay with Brass hand hammered plating.  The rivets used were from World War II P51 Mustangs from a cache that my father had.  Hoses are from an old SCUBA system.  With a 2 straps to hold it on, there is a material filter inside to allow easy breathing.

Ranger Sequoia Pistol


This is a 3D printed pistol from the Fallout Series. Hand painted by my Daughter and detailed.  Used at the Wasteland Weekend Event in California.

Misc Printed Items


 3D printed Mini Drone Frame


Custom designed Radio Mounts for Polaris RZR with custom
Roll Bar

Autocad Design 123


3D Prints for an N-Scale Trainset


3D printer used for nosecones, interstages,

Engine Cones.
Laser used to cut Decals, Fins and create Engine Mounts.